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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Fayose`s Sister, Apostle Bimpe Passes On At Last!

We give God the glory to announce the passing away of Beloved Apostle Bimpe who joined the Saints triumphant few minutes away. The woman of bravery who had been fighting the deadly cancer all this while has passed on. Beloved Apostle Bimpe finally succumbed to what seemed like an endless battle with the deadly cancer.
The woman of God, Apostle Bimpe who`s the founder Baba Missions Ministry International died few minutes ago at the St. Joseph Hospice, Mare Street, Hackney, London. Before she finally breathes her last, the mother of four adorable children who battled the deadly cancer for 20 months was always praying to God for given her the opportunity to repent her sins and made up with everybody including family and friends. Top on the list of her gratefulness to God is the fact that, she was able to put her children in the right path of Christendom, above all, she strove to make sure they can stand on their own.
She would be greatly missed and remembered for being a brave woman who came, saw and indeed conquered. We shall be packaging an exclusive 24 pages all colour all glossy on her life and times, words on marble, battles with death, and never heard before secrets she told us when she was in the throes of death at the Hospice. Adieu Beloved Apostle Bimpe
Keep a date on this blog for details of her burial and why she prefers to be buried in England.     

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