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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

French Students Shoot Nollywood Movie @ Africa Films Day

Nollywood, the Nigeria blooming movie industry was recently given a befitting honour and classroom priority in one of France’ Ivy League institutions, Lycee Notre Dame, Chartres when the school management obliged its students the opportunity of having a feel of the evolving entertainment industry reputed as the second biggest in the world.

Lycee Notre Dame Directors, Marc Tranin and Fred Maillard's welcome address
The school management led by its humility personified top directors, Marc Tranin and Fredrick Maillard invited notable Nollywood practitioners such as star actress, Hannah Ojo and UK Based topflight movie director, Chucks Mordi amongst other experienced personalities as resource persons for the 1-day teaching and workshop project which held on Tuesday, June 6th, 2017.
Others who’re part of the success story of the Nollywood teaching class engineered by Nigeria born academician of international repute, Cyprian Josson who teaches English, History and Geography in the school are Longy Agoha, Nesto Duru and Tunde Moshood.  

French journalist, Roxanne de Witte interviews Hannah Ojo
Tagged  “Film for Students Day”, the interesting event which is part of the school’s teaching techniques to broaden the learning and retentive memories of the students got to its crescendo with the production of a short movie, scripted, directed and shot by the brilliant students.

‘’We have never seen such fast-learning students before, they were so engrossed in the teachings to the extent that they volunteered to write a script instantly and we’re able to shoot a short movie in few hours, they’re so brilliant and interested in Nollywood’’, some of the resource persons, Chucks Mordi and Hannah Ojo couldn’t hide the amazement.

Actress Hannah Ojo  receives Certificate of Participation
The event kicked off with a breakfast meeting between the resource persons and the top echelons of the school before the students were divided in groups for the project of the day. The initiator of the project Nollywood in Lycee Notre Dame, Mr. Cyprian Josson was the moderator who intermittently coordinated the event took the students through a brief history of Nollywood before handing over to Tunde Moshood who shared ‘’The Nollywood and Media experience’’ after which Bleeding Rose, a film produced by Chucks Mordi was later screened.

Actress Hannah Ojo later spoke to the students on ‘’Low Budget Movie Production’’ with Nollywood experience as case study while motivational speaker, Mr. Longy Agoha spoke on the use of language and display of culture and tradition in the movie, Bleeding Rose before Mr. Nesto Duru, an experienced France trained cinematographer crowned the day by the movie review.

Nollywood Director, Chucks Mordi receives Certificate of Participation
In his submission, the academic director, Fredrick Maillard who was so happy at the students’ charismatic disposition on the project spoke on the reasons for the Nollywood Day, the project is aimed at introducing students to the Nigerian Film industry called Nollywood, we’re so proud of what the African movie industry has become and the display of culture and tradition, we want our students to be accustomed with foreign culture. The project’s goal is to support classroom teaching on Africa by screening a Nollywood film, he squealed.

After the movie screening, workshop and the short movie production, there was a panel discussion between the students and resource persons, this was to enable the students have a more profound and thorough understanding of African cinema, precisely Nollywood. Simultaneously, the objective of “FILM FOR STUDENTS DAY” was to accomplish its educational mission by raising the consciousness of African development through cinema to students of Lycée Notre Dame, Chartres, France; to inspire and further students’ critical engagement and to broaden their horizons to a new cinema, which is neither Hollywood nor Bollywood.

Cyprian Josson watches with keen interest during the project
It was indeed an avenue to project the Nigeria’s blossoming movie industry and this no doubt seems to have paid off as talks are on-going for a bigger picture of partnership with Nollywood practitioners, very very soon.

Group photograph with students 
Some exciting students

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